Identity And Marketing

Building Your Identity

Solid Reputation + Engaging Promotions = Successful Branding

A lot of work goes into building your business’ image: maintaining a solid service reputation, engagement with your clients, and promotional materials that really connect with the public. When these all work together, you’ve got a successful branding strategy, and successful branding results in repeat business.

Traditional Marketing

Business cards, flyers, magnetic signs, brochures, etc. are tangible promotions that successful business still rely on every day.

They are designed to:
• Engage the customer quickly
• Present information quickly
• Get customers to act

We want to aid your business in building promotions that overcome these challenges. We take your core goals and tailor materials that your customers will remember.

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Online Marketing

No question: online marketing is a necessity. Most, if not all, of your customers will be researching online before making a buying decision, and not being online means you may get passed over.

Your strategy should focus on:
• A functional, optimized, engaging website
• Social media promotions and customer connections
• Keeping your content nimble (regular updates)

We offer lots of options for your online strategy, from optimized websites and email marketing, to social media management. We take your content, research and build on what works, and show you the best course of action.

See our online marketing examples here

What’s All This SEO Stuff I’ve Been Hearing About?

Search Engine Optimization is a term that’s thrown around a lot in the web design field. It boils down to making your website visible to major search engines and potential customers.

Our optimization package includes:
• Keyword research: determining the core concepts of your site
• Indexing with Google, Bing, and other major search engines.
• Consultations on social media management.

SEO can’t be an afterthought. We integrate it into our web design solutions, and are more than happy to share information regarding it with you.

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